Preparing for Interview


8 September 2012

Bismillah. I start again to write in my blog. I dont wanna my blog empty and make everyone who see it happily. Next Monday is my “next interview”. Why i call “next interview” because i’ve ever failed in interview test before. I remember when i  have the first interview, Badak LNG was my first interview. For this time, i willl face Evonik Indonesia’s interview. Yeah, I’m sure you dont know about this company, Evonik Indonesia is a company that provides catalist perokside (H2O2). Although it is not my favourite company but i will take the test seriously. There are some prepartions i have to do. As another company’s test, Interviewer always ask about our personality and knowledge. Besides, I will write about my profile  and review  my report (Job Training).

“Tell me abut your self?” Yeah it’s the question that always give to everyone who gonna be an employer. And i will train my self to improve my language and make me confident.


Sorry, I wanna stop this written because i wanna take a rest…..

Maaf gak bener jadinya nulis artikelnya,,, HHHEEEE



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