Alhamdulillah. I was finish my preparation for the next day but there is somevideo that i have to put  into the presentation. Because tomorrow i will be in KAMUS NEGARAWAN. This is the last time I’m in college and i have to graduate 2 weeks ago. I’m still confuse because until now, I dont have job yet. But, I’m sure I will be given the best job from Allah. Honestly, I dont want to be a “worker forever” but i have to make my parent proud to me and help my familiy’s financial.

THIS IS MY PLANNING. At the fisrt time, i will be a worker for 2 years and then i will continue my study to bacheloor degree, of course chemical engineering ITS is my goal. After graduated from bachelor degree, i will find scholarship to continue my study. Yeah Master degree of Melbourne University is the next ultimate goal. Hopefully, i can go up to be a Doctor and lecturer in ITS. Aamiin..


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