by Ferry Aldina

I just wanna share you about  my activity today. in Indonesian language, I say “AnDiLau (Antara Dilema dan Galau)” it means that my feeling is not so right today. the most thing that I feel not so good is I have to choose between focus on my final project or join the research competition. I wanna graduate quickly but also I wanna join the competition. I tried to talk to my guide lecture and then I hope he could give me a good suggestion.

when I met him (the lecture), directly he said “ don’t forget bring one kilogram sludge, we have to research the content of sludge” theme of sludge is my final project theme and then we gonna research about it if there is something useful from sludge.

Finally, I still “Andilau” about it and I hope I had a good choice.

Now, I wanna focus seek some jobs and I hope I can graduate quickly.



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