Createdby : Ferry Aldina

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb.

it’s a big pleasure to tell you about my personality first. My name is Ferry Aldina, you can call me Ferry. I was born on February 24th 1991 at Tasikmalaya. Now, I live in Jl. Muhammadiyah, Singaparna Tasikmalaya. Maybe you didn’t know abut my village but one thing that you have to know is I proud of my village. Because of Living in Singaparna, I have a lot of many things knowledge that City is still not better than village. I don’t wanna explain about the different between city and village because the title above is “SUCCESS IS ABOUT 90% ATTITUDE AND 10% APTITUDE”.

I’d like to tell you about my family. I have my parent, mother and father. I also have one brother. my family is my power. They make hidden power to improve my potency skill that I have ever realized can show up.  I just wanna remember you that you are a lucky person if you also have a brother. you have to know the relationship is very important cause you can not alive alone in this world. we are a social person, so we need a helpful from another people. don’t ever feel we can live without someone helpful!

I went to Senior High School 2 Tasikmalaya. It’s very far from my house, about 25 km. I have to go there at 6 am. I get in the bus at 6.30 am then I always come late in my class cause the public vehicle always “ngetem”  (waiting first after car’s chair was full). Now, I am studying in State Polytechnic of Bandung and I take a subject of Chemical Engineering. I’m really surprised that chemical engineering is very fun subject. You know what? Chemical Engineering is a perfect learning. We can learn many knowledge because we learn a physic, chemistry, mathematic, and all about subject. The principle of chemical engineering is change a raw material to product. The process is very complete, you have to know how to make a selection of raw material effectively and also we have to know the chemical material for completing the process. Besides it, chemical engineering forced me to know the process condition. The process condition decisive the good product or bad product. After we knew the process condition, we have to know how minimalize waste product. we can to prepare waste with 3R (Recycle, Reuse, Recovery). It’s also the main thing that we must know in chemical engineering department.

Ok, Let’s try to make a focus on the topic. How about a success? what is the relation with attitude and aptitude? First, I wanna tell the meaning of attitude. Attitude shows personality, the good attitude will make someone reserved in every where. Attitude is the key of life. But how about aptitude. It’s also very important for our life. It makes someone understand the life. The aptitude is similar to smart. Smart is someone who can use his/her ability to solve the problem and can make every condition comport because he/she handles the condition.

do you know about success? yeah, some people say that it meanings money but in the other meaning success is someone who has a good result that he want to. The success is about 90% and 10% aptitude. Yeah if you just have a good brain but your aptitude is nothing so you will feel someone ignore you! But the attitude make you reserved every where. whatever you have a good brain or not but the good attitude is everything.

Maybe, that’s all about my written. I just wanna share about my idea and I just practice to written skill. Sorry if there are many mistakes. Don’t worry if you wanna correct my written. The pleasure is mine if there is somebody who wants to correct my written.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr wb.



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