This is Who I am…

Oke. I just want you to know about my self. I want to improve my English language cause I have to do it for applying the job (hehe). My full name is Ferry Aldina but you can call me Ferry, Fey, or whatever you want. Just for remember, I don’t wanna hear someone who call me “Aldina” because it sounds same with girl’s name.I was born in Tasikmalya, February 24th 1991. I ever live in Palembang and Bengkulu for a while but I move to my home town in Tasikmalaya before I studied in Junior School.

I went to study in Senior High School 2 Tasikmalayaa. It’s so far from my house but it’s my challenge to pass it. Now, I study at Chemical Engineering Department, State Polytechnic of Bandung. Maybe, that is not my dream university but I have to thank God because there something amazing why I placed in this place.

By the way, Talk about my dream. Actually, I wanna be a lecture. I’m really confuse to choose my ambition cause I don’t wanna have a real dream, except the lecture. Ambition was changed after I got a “doctrine” from this College. I want to change my ambition. First, I wanna get high salary cause I wanna give some money to repair my home and then I wanna go abroad for study. Maybe that is my dream. I hope It can be true. Amiin.


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