Ahlan Wa Sahlan..


This is my blog. I hope you enjoy with the content. Just for sharing about “my world” and also give something useful. I will write about something you can read easily and growing your mind to make you happy.

Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah. I have finished my first book “Lingkaran Cinta Jomblogger”. Hopefully I would write all of ideas more and more.

I wanna become a professional blogger and this is my way to reach my ambition. By the way, I have to focus for my dreams :

  1. Get Married (it was a must)
  2. Get scholarship (cause I love to share and I love to study)
  3. Be a businessman 

Further information about me :

email : ferry.aldina.fa@gmail.com

phone : 085213204898 (whatsapp)

blog :Aldina Fey ; Kang Ferry ; Ferry Aldina



3 thoughts on “Ahlan Wa Sahlan..

  1. Kapan terbitnya kang? Waaaah, saya terbuka nih menerima buku untuk diresensi hahaha. Dont forget juga tips dari kak suci dan kak ai, do you remember about dewa eka? Nah dicoba kang😁

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